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About Us
Aaron & Kristi Gonzalez with Roger Barnett, Chairman, CEO, Owner
Hello! We are Aaron and Kristi Gonzalez of Ormond Beach, Florida and we lead the Gonzalez Group. While we have used the products for 13 years now, we really began our focus of sharing the full Shaklee story with others to grow a dynamic organization in 2007.
Our passions include valuing people, health and the opportunity to live a better life! We are enthusiastic about spreading the word and helping others not just make a living but make living better. Our MISSION is to improve lives of people through their physical and mental health- so they are more fully enabled to accomplish their purposes in life.
Kristi is a Physician Assistant with 15 years of clinical experience.  She loves preventing disease and helping others optimize their health potential.  She knows by helping others share the news about Shaklee she can touch many more lives collectively than she ever would alone.  In 2007 she transitioned to her full time passion of expanding her Shaklee organization with her husband as her supportive business partner. She continues to offer health consultation for those seeking to integrate natural options for better health as they strive to reach their goals for wellness. Understanding and having practiced Western Medicine for many years, Kristi offers a balanced approach to getting people on the path to more vibrant and healthy living with safe, natural and scientifically proven options.
Aaron has his doctorate in education and is currently Head of Schools for Calvary Christian Academy in Ormond Beach, Florida. His passion is educating the total person and he gets great opportunity to do this both in the school building and in their Shaklee trainings and leadership roles.  Kristi has joined him at CCA teaching a College Biology course as well as administering in the school office.  
It's wonderful how our passion for the health and education of others is such a natural fit for Shaklee! It's amazing how with such a diverse team we see how EVERY BACKGROUND somehow lends itself to a dynamic and unique Shaklee opportunity. If you wonder how your gifts and talents could be used on our team or in Shaklee, just ask! We love helping people find a passion that is both self-fulfilling and blesses others in the process.
We say thanks to Ann Barry who introduced our family to Shaklee. She welcomed us into her Shaklee family and has blessed us for over 17 years now! She has truly modeled to us how to be successful leaders in our own team and we hope we have opportunity to show you just that! Developing amazing relationships within this business is just one of the many benefits the Shaklee Opportunity offers. We are so grateful for our Shaklee friends and mentors and for the opportunity to refine who we are and become better leaders and people in the process.
We are thrilled to be a part of Social Marketing, Shaklee's revolutionary business model, which rewards us for sharing better health, and a better income, with everyone we meet- with rewards that go over and beyond what most experience in a traditional career.
Thank you for exploring with us!
Aaron & Kristi Gonzalez
Meet Our Team

Blain & Julie Krause
Kansas City, MO

Amy & David Groen 
West Des Moines, IA
Glen & Michelle Leichty 
Healthy Homes, Healthy Lives
Wauconda, Illinois 

Kristi Wendland
Pursuing Better Health
Shawna & Aaron Daun
Woodbury, MN

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